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RESURRECTING CHURCH: “Church already exists. It has always existed. And that means it is ours to bring to light through living and healing as Jesus and his disciples did.”

REDEEMING THE PAST: “The false remnants of that past naturally fall away as we forgive ourselves and others. We drop the gloom and doom of materiality and rejoice in “the sunlight of Truth, which invigorates and purifies” (Science and Health, p. 162).”

YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM LOVE: “If we feel sick or fearful or resentful, we might think we can be separated from divine Love, but that is impossible. God’s voice is the voice each of us hears and obeys because this is the only intelligent voice.”

THE HEALING POWER OF MERCY: “Mercy is an essential element in healing prayer, and a foundation stone for the practice of Christian Science.”

THE ART OF NOT TAKING OFFENSE: “What a huge revelation—a chance to forgive and forget every offensive word I ever heard from anyone. What a burden lifted!”