Sunday School

Every Sunday, concurrent with the Sunday Service, we offer a Sunday School (for those up to age 20), where Bible lessons and stories are taught and discussed through song, game, pictures, hands-on activities, workshops, and even Skype with distance classes or students who are away. We also offer loving child care for the very young.


I am grateful every day to have been raised in a faith that taught me to be- well- grateful! Gratitude for “the good already received” that “befits us to receive more” is at the helm of Christian Science and it’s what the world needs. The Christian Science Sunday School gave me a wonderful foundation in the Truth that is God’s unconditional LOVE!!! for His/Her children.

Studying the Bible and Science and Health, I learned (and am still learning!) to apply this Truth to the best and most hopeless of real-life situations- and everything in between! David was a mighty king. He made some pretty heinous mistakes, no doubt, but he always returned to the Source to be redirected- warrior status! Daniel hung out with a bunch of lions all night and emerged the next morning unharmed, a fearless demonstration of the allness of God. Another warrior. Orphan-turned-queen Esther (you think it’s a man’s world now, ladies? check out the Biblical times) interceded for the Jews, so certain was she of God’s love for her people. Jesus and his victory over death? Wow.

I’m a blessed woman to know and continue discovering these shining examples of living Love. Thank you, Christian Science Sunday School!

Sunday School was a place where I could share thoughts and ideas with my teacher and fellow classmates without fear of being embarrassed or looked down upon. In fact, it was quite the opposite. More discussion led to more connection with my classmates. Sunday School for me, I’ve learned, was different than many of my friends. While open conversation was integral to my experience, lecturing on the dos and don’ts of adolescence was the at the core of their experiences.

Sunday school at the Murfreesboro church has always been such a blessing to attend. I have had the privilege of having several teachers over the years, and this has helped give me a different perspective and therefore more learning experiences about Bible stories and interpretations from S&H. As I finish up my last few months in Sunday school, I realize how special it is to be a student and to be able to have a conversation about Christian Science and the lesson each week. Although I very much look forward to this new step within the church, I can say with absolute certainty how much I will miss being a Sunday school student. I have loved every minute of it, and trust me, there have been a lot of minutes!